New Weddings In The Queue To Be Posted Soon! by Bradley Hanson

Eric and Amanda at the Seattle Asian Art Museum with random exerciser. May 29, 2016

It's been a busy spring and summer, so my highest priority is getting new wedding images back to my wonderful clients. This means I have a backlog of weddings to post online and submit to wedding magazines. New weddings should start appearing again in a couple weeks...

Stacy + Marco At Maple Ridge Farm In Taylors Falls, MN by Bradley Hanson

I first met this wonderful couple through a chance phone call. Marco, originally from Brazil, left a voicemail inquiring if I was available on their wedding date. I called him back when I had a moment in my car just expecting to answer his questions. Within 10 minutes of speaking with him, he let me know they wanted me to photograph their wedding and had arranged to fly me to Aspen, CO (near their home) to shoot their engagement portraits at Maroon Bells in Colorado. In my experience, clients who place this level of faith and trust in me always get ideal results.

It was my first time to Maple Ridge Farm for a wedding and I look forward to the next. Great space, beautiful light and although only an hour north of Minneapolis, it felt like a world away.

Marco and Stacy in Aspen, CO

Christina And Ben: Wedding At The Bachelor Farmer, Published By Minnesota Bride by Bradley Hanson

"Christina and Ben's cozy wedding at The Bachelor Farmer is Minnesota perfection. It's difficult to find a venue that better represents the city of Minneapolis and all of its wonderfully unique attributes and characteristics. This gorgeous couple considered every meticulous detail when it came to their event, coordinating their floral designs with the space and offering guests hand-crafted cocktails and fresh local fare. The entire day was captured expertly by Bradley Hanson Photography."

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Abbe + Tony: The First Wedding Ever At Heyday In Minneapolis, Featured In Minnesota Bride Magazine by Bradley Hanson

Minnesota Bride just published a wedding I photographed at Heyday in Minneapolis. Heyday is one of the best and most inventive restaurants in the city, and this was also the first wedding ever there! They did a stellar job with everything, particularly the catering and making sure Abbe and Tony had everything they needed to realize their vision for their wedding. Abbe, the bride, is an artist and made all of the decorations herself. The talented Dawn Dacut did double duty as both the officiant and wedding coordinator. I can't wait to go back...

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Minnesota: A Land Of Extremes by Bradley Hanson

After almost being born on a US Army base in Germany, I was born in the northern most major city of the central United States: Minneapolis, Minnesota. I grew up in weather extremes from winters with a Siberia-esque subzero windchill to hot, humid summers that open up and drain every pore on your body while your feet slowly sink into the melting tar. Between the two, spring and autumn are absolutely breathtaking. As a young child, I naively thought this was the normal experience of everyone else. Once I started traveling the world, I realized the folly of this mindset, and also how much I loved to travel!

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My Photographic History And Why I Switched To Mirrorless Cameras In 2012 by Bradley Hanson

This review is 3 years in coming, and isn't really a review but rather a personal history of why the Fujifilm X-Series, specifically the X-Pro1 and X100S, is a perfect fit for me: the cameras I had been waiting for. I am a very technical and precise person, but this is not a technical review. These cameras have been out for years and there are much better reviews, including one by my friend (and Fuji X-Photographer) Vincent Opoku. I wanted to write something initially because using these cameras was revolutionary for me, but I also wanted to let the beer goggles dissipate and write logically and dispassionately about the experience so those considering the system could get a realistic understanding of what to expect without all the usual superlatives that come from excitement, and also to spare readers the agony of run on sentences like the one you are enduring now.

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