Orcas Island, WA: Secluded Pacific Northwest Paradise by Bradley Hanson

No matter where I travel, I want to see what makes each place unique, to get away from the tourists and to have time to soak in the local vibe. I had heard about the San Juan Islands in Washington State almost immediately after moving to Seattle, WA in mid 1997. Through some meteorological aberration, this area gets about 255 days of sun a year in a part of the country justifiably famous for being perpetually damp. Western Washington State has the only rainforest in the entire US, and it's constant mist is beautiful but can be challenging to those affected by the Vitamin D deficit caused from infrequent exposure to regular sunlight.

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Minnesota: A Land Of Extremes by Bradley Hanson

After almost being born on a US Army base in Germany, I was born in the northern most major city of the central United States: Minneapolis, Minnesota. I grew up in weather extremes from winters with a Siberia-esque subzero windchill to hot, humid summers that open up and drain every pore on your body while your feet slowly sink into the melting tar. Between the two, spring and autumn are absolutely breathtaking. As a young child, I naively thought this was the normal experience of everyone else. Once I started traveling the world, I realized the folly of this mindset, and also how much I loved to travel!

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