In addition to choosing a photographer who's work deeply resonates with you, it's important that your photographer's personality blends in with your own in order to capture real, candid moments. I am fortunate to have experience with a full spectrum of personalities, from reserved and quiet to wild and outgoing. The greatest compliment I can receive is hearing that my clients not only loved their photos, but also enjoyed working with me. Because I photograph weddings all over the world and across the US, I often don't have a chance to physically meet all of my clients prior to the wedding. It's important for clients to not only have confidence in my photography, but also enjoy the experience. Below are some of the compliments I have received from wedding clients.


“Bradley – There are not enough words to describe how happy we are with our wedding pictures. When family and friends ask us what we remember most about our special day, your name is one of the first things out of our mouths. You made the picture taking process fun and stress free. Not only did we love your sense of humor and flexibility, but we also admire your professionalism. You were able to be our “go to” man while still capturing every moment of our wedding. Without a doubt, you surpassed every expectation that we had for a photographer. We would refer you with 100% confidence. Thank you once again for everything- you helped make our day an unforgettable one.”

- Jenni and Ben


"If you want the best, then Bradley is it! He not only captures all the special and important moments of your day, he is able to capture the mood and tone of the day and both my husband's and my personalities were also captured from the photographs. He is also a pleasure to work with and extremely easy going and he is also extremely professional. I was left speechless when I got our wedding photos back. Every person that has seen them has complimented the photography. I could not be more happy with how everything went-my high expectations were exceeded-and I would recommend him to everyone! He truly is the BEST!”

- Kara and Caleb


“Bradley – Thank you for the absolutely amazing, fantastic and wonderful job you did photographing our wedding. I am so impressed with your talent, your eye for detail. Most importantly I think, is that you captured EVERYTHING in such a creative way. The results were EXACTLY what we were after. Thank you!”

- Allison and Ryan


“From the moment we met with him, we knew that he was who we wanted following us around and getting in our faces every time we kissed. When Bradley showed up at my hotel as I was getting ready, I was immediately put at ease. He was so much fun to work with. I was actually sad he couldn’t stay for the whole party. He’s efficient and professional and incredibly talented. Our photos came out better than I could have ever imagined. Bradley was there to capture every important moment of the day. Most importantly, he managed to sneak in to the action and catch us being ourselves. There were so many moments that could easily be swallowed up in the blur of the day, but Bradley froze them for us to revisit for a lifetime. We couldn’t be happier with our pictures.”

- Julie and Josh


“WOW. We don’t even know how to describe our awe and wonder and delight as we watched the gorgeous, PERFECT, wonderful pictures unravel before our eyes! We are sooooooo happy with them and can’t thank you enough for being such an insightful and talented artist! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You did such an incredible job of capturing the whole ambiance and energy of the events of our wedding. The composition of every picture is unbelievable! We love your manipulation of light and contrast. We can’t really comprehend how you captured every moment so perfectly. We know that looking at our pictures over the next 50 years will bring us back to how we felt on our wedding.”

- Jordana and Aaron


"Bradley was undoubtedly the best choice we could have made for our photographer! He has such a creative eye and took absolutely stunning and unique photographs of us that we'll cherish forever. He was very easy to work with, responsive to emails, flexible when things needed to be adjusted or changed and very helpful when it came to setting up a timeline for our photos. He addressed all of our concerns and listens to what we wanted and made suggestions that aligned with our taste. We hadn't actually had the chance to meet Bradley before our wedding day because we live out of state. He took care of everything very easily via phone and email and I was surprised how well he was able to build a relationship with us, without ever meeting us first! He even took it upon himself to visit out venue before the wedding to get a feel for the space and what he was working with. He made the photo process fun and easy. This was the first time my husband and I have ever had professional photos taken and I was worried it might be awkward, but he made it fun and painless! Several of my guests commented on how professional and nicely he was dressed. He wasn't distracting to any of the events we had going on, yet he was able to capture all the important moments we wanted. A true pro! We highly recommend!"

-Kristen and Dylan

“Bradley took photos for our 3-day traditional South Indian wedding and we couldn't be more delighted. Each individual photo was beautiful - capturing the emotion and the color. He was the consummate professional - he came to our home to meet us, was always early, took photos of the venue and the decorations and the food as requisite, but most importantly the majority were in his photojournalistic style. It made me nostalgic for my wedding weekend all over again - there was so much joy in all the pictures! The most impressive piece is that Bradley took such care to take photos of all the aspects of our ceremony - my mom is thrilled, which is the highest recommendation I could offer. I LOVE the photos of our wedding. I would recommend him for all weddings, but I would be thrilled to say that he is wonderful at shooting Indian weddings!! We are so happy. Thanks, Bradley!”

-Gauthami and Moulin


"Bradley has two specific qualities that set him apart from most photographers: 1. A phenomenal photography eye that allows him to find the beauty in the ordinary (and create art that other photographers would miss) and 2. The ability to put introverts like my wife and I at ease during the entire picture-making process. I should also mention that while Bradley is a master of any format, his black and white shots are unparalleled. I can't recommend him highly enough."

-Myriam and Joel


“We were absolutely thrilled with our wedding pictures! Bradley captured all of the most important moments during our day in a very intimate and artistic way. He delivered above and beyond what we had hoped for. Bradley was so careful, unobtrusive and focussed on his work that money of our guests commented that they didn’t even notice a photographer was there. These images will be treasured by our family for generations. We plan to use Bradley for all our future events and have already given his name to friends who were also moved by his work.”

- Taya and Alex


“Hi Bradley – We LOVE the pictures! They are absolutely fabulous! We were up until late last night going through the book over and over again. We had high hopes given your previous work, but you far exceeded our expectations! Thank you very much again for using your creativity, talent and attention to detail to capture so well the memories of our special day!”

- Milkana and Colin


"We cannot say enough good things about how thrilled we are with the photos Bradley took for our wedding! He made what we imagined our perfect wedding photos should be into reality! His personality and professionalism fit perfectly with what we wanted for the wedding day and the photos he took were OUTSTANDING!!! The process after our wedding exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. He got the photos to us very quickly and has made everything so easy that we cannot thank him enough! Finally, the quality of the album that we got from him was of the finest quality and we love showing it off to everyone! We would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a photographer and we hope to work with him again in the future!

- Elizabeth and Craig


"I don't even know where to start with Bradley! He is just fantastic. Not only did he photograph my sisters engagement and wedding, he shot my sisters first son's cradle ceremony and my wedding as well. We consider him family and are AMAZED by his talent. Easy to work with, has some funny jokes and makes you feel comfortable. I highly recommend Bradley and so does our family!!”

- Srilata and Charles


"Bradley is the best. If you have a true appreciation for photography, his work is art at its best. He really knows how to work with all types of lighting and gets all the small details you hope you remember from the day. He is SUPER easy to work with and made everyone feel very comfortable. I would suggest him to anyone looking for a great photographer.”

- Allison and TJ


"Growing up I used to spend hours paging through my parents' wedding photo book, imagining what it was like for them that day, seeing much younger versions of family members than those that I knew, laughing at the powder blue tuxedos... :) I cherished those photos, and still display one of my mom at the ripe age of 22 on her wedding day. I knew when the time came for me to get married, top-notch photography would be high on my priority list. My husband and I were lucky enough to be acquainted with Bradley through a shared hobby (cycling) and had the opportunity to get to know him on several long bike rides. Once we looked through his portfolio, there was no question we wanted him to capture our special day. Our experience with Bradley was perfect. He was prompt, organized and a blessed sea of calm on a sometimes hectic day. He made gentle suggestions for the day's timeline and schedule and was never intrusive. He had a way of putting us at ease and capturing our authentic selves. He caught the important moments and did not over-do the "posed" family photos. He even somehow got both of my young nephews (2 and 4 at the time) to look at the camera and smile- in one take! I can't say enough how special Bradley's photos are to us. I've had several friends get married after us and I have recommended Bradley every time!”

- Leslie and Aaron


"My husband and I loved working with Bradley as our wedding photographer. We knew as soon as we met him for an interview that we would be comfortable with him taking on this incredibly important task for us. His classic, beautiful, "fly on the wall" style was just what we wanted. He captured moments that we feel so fortunate to have in both our memory and a beautiful leather bound book he provided for us. We were both a bit camera shy during the wedding, but Bradley was extremely respectful and comfortable to work with. He was never pushy, yet got all the shots that looking back we were so glad to have. He wasn't afraid to get in the middle of the action to get the shot he needed, yet was so professional that nobody would have noticed him there! I highly recommend Bradley for your wedding photographer.”

- Emily and Brian


“Bradley was wonderful! I saw his website and I fell in love with his work and cautiously approached him as I thought he would be way above our budget. We did our engagement pictures with him as well - he was quirky and fun yet professional. Thought ahead to bring his wife's umbrellas as it was cloudy that day and gave us way more than the 3 hours that was scheduled because "we were on a roll." The wedding pictures were amazing. He was so much fun to work with and was everywhere but nowhere at once. Friends commented that he was the least intrusive photographer at a wedding.”

- Meghana and Tyson


“Bradley took beautiful photos at my wedding in Washington in 2005, and then again in 2012 a very important birthday party for an ailing family member in Wisconsin. At both events he caught beautiful candids of people connecting and celebrating. For our wedding he did a great mix of color and black and white photos, capturing the beauty of the outdoor setting in Leavenworth as well as the details of the reception--food, table settings, cake. When I remember my wedding, I remember it largely through the photos Bradley took -- the people, the colors and the happiness of the day. We would use him again in a heartbeat.”

- Rebecca and Eric


“Bradley was a pleasure to work with and my husband and I are thrilled with how he captured our wedding day. He works in a photojournalistic style, highlighting the emotion and story of the day. In that sense, he's more oriented towards capturing how moments naturally unfold vs. telling Grandma where to stand or creating overly posed, cheesy shots. But the most impressive part of our experience was the way that Bradley really listened to us and matched his approach to exactly what we were looking for. We always felt like he "got it" and overall, he just made us feel really comfortable and confident. We wouldn't change a single thing about the process or any of the shots. It was absolutely perfect. THANK YOU!”

- Leah and Bryan


"'Amazing.' 'WOW.' 'Blown away' are words a lot of people use to describe Bradley's work. 'If your wedding photos are important to you, you MUST consider Bradley.' He has a 'brilliantly artistic eye' that captures the festive mood of any special occasion.”

- 2007 The Knot Magazine Best Of Weddings


"Bradley came to us through recommendation of a our original hired wedding photographer who had to cancel close to our big day due to health issues. In swoops Bradley, who took care of us as if he was our original hire! He was so easy to work with and made everyone feel at ease, and has great ability to deal with breaking the ice/photo phobia with a fantastic sense of humor! The photos were sublime and he caught every special moment we had discussed, and then some! We are still in love with so many its hard to choose from to give as gifts or put on our walls. We cannot recommend Bradley's talented eye and good character enough!!! "

-Jessica and Matt


"Words cannot express how pleased we were with your fun and creative (yet professional) demeanor during our wedding. Your flexibility and creative eye were incredibly evident thoughout the day, and the photos were amazing! Thank you!"

-Cynthia and Richie


"You are remarkable! Only you could have done it the way you did it! Thank you so much for your time, energy, and talent, Bradley! The photos are perfect! PS. You are very funny and clever!"

-Betsy and Micario 


"Bradley is the Gandalf of wedding photography! My wife and I were married in 2001 and chose to get married in a remote village on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Bradley traveled with our crew to capture moments before, during, and after the celebration that are now etched in my mind with the assistance of his timeless images. He is creative, a great communicator, extremely talented, and a helluva good guy. I hope that when my wife and I renew our vows someday Bradley will be willing to travel back to capture our friends, family, and collective wrinkles somewhere in Mexico."

-Emily and Scott


"Bradley is a unique talent! He expresses every moment of your experience with a calm, confident demeanor, and the results are spectacular. His B&W carries so much more depth and detail. You can almost feel yourself inside the picture when you look at it. His eye is so good, and his presence so hidden that you see moments develop right before your eyes, the kind of moments you didn't know existed until he presents your portfolio. Now THAT is true talent and skill. I would heartily recommend Bradley for any occasion, but only if you want the best!"

-Vanessa and Jo


"Bradley is not just another wedding photographer, he is truly an artist. His eye for shadows and light is amazing. All of our photos were so unique and beautiful. What I loved most about our photos was the emotions that Bradley captured. There were photos that made us laugh, cry and brought out the joy we had during that day. We couldn't have asked for a better collection of images that will bring us back to that amazing night. Absolutely spectacular work." 

-Stacy and Marco


"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bradley and the photos are nothing short of stunning. Bradley has an amazing eye and the ability to capture the entire day, from the biggest moments to the smallest and everything in between. On top of it all, working with Bradley was incredibly easy. He understood exactly what we wanted and blended seamlessly into the day like he was hardly there. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

-Abbe and Tony


"We loved working with Bradley, and we loved our wedding photographs even more. We appreciated his ability to capture the beauty in even the (seemingly) smallest, candid moments. We knew that our wedding photographs were our highest priority, and so we spent a lot of time considering photographers. Bradley's experience, portfolio and personality stood out among all the rest, and the results exceeded even our high expectations."

-Christina and Ben


"Bradley was amazing to work with from our initial meeting through our wedding day. Our photos turned out better than we could have imagined, capturing our favorite moments perfectly. We're forever grateful to Bradley for producing such beautiful, lasting memories of our special day!"

-Bridget and Peter


"Bradley is truly one of a kind. From the minute we met him, to the amazing moments he captured during both our engagement session and wedding day, we have been impressed beyond belief with his talent and ability to capture precious moments that we will enjoy for a lifetime. We can't thank Bradley enough for his commitment to excellence and the beautiful pictures that remind us of the joy we shared (and continue to share) as we became husband and wife."

-Torrey and Kelsey


"Thank you so much for everything you've done for us, on both our engagement and wedding photos. Not only are the photos spectacular, but it was fun to have you there as well! We could not have picked a better person to be part of our special day!"

-Jessie and Sam


"I did all my wedding planning online. I would sit down with my little library of Seattle Brides and Martha Stewart magazines and visit every single link to any vendor that looked even remotely interesting. I would then systematically and unmercifully narrow down the choices down to who I would contact. When looking for photographers, only *one* survived my cut-throat attack: Bradley Hanson. Luckily, he turned out to be as charming in person as he did online. Bradley showed up bright and early on our wedding day and took pictures of anything and everything. You wouldn't have known it though, for his was amazingly inconspicuous. He was also pretty wily when it came to getting candid photos. At one point, he told us he needed to get some more film from his car, before disappearing. As soon as we tried to steal a kiss, he jumped out of a tree to catch us in the act. Since our wedding, three of my friends have had Bradley photograph their weddings. I will never get tired of recommending him."

-Maria and Matt


"We were so happy to have Bradley as our wedding photographer because of his passion for photography, unique point of view, and timeless style. He was wonderful to work with throughout the entire process. He is kind, professional, organized and talented. Every single one of the photos he delivered is simply stunning and we could not be happier with the moments he captured. We highly recommend him without reservation!"

-Erin and Jack


"Dear Bradley- We wanted to reiterate how much we enjoyed working with you. Your presence and energy immediately put us at ease, and your work is absolutely stunning and timeless. We are over the moon with the engagement and wedding photos. We will treasure them for a lifetime. Looking forward to seeing and working with you again. Ingrid turns 2 in April!"

-Solveig and Erik


"Bradley was great to work with, and was very accommodating to make sure we were happy with all the locations for various photo shoots during our wedding weekend as well as the types of photos we wanted. He made us feel special but also at ease, and we had a ton of fun with him. We also got the photos very promptly after the wedding. HIGHLY recommended! I know there are lower cost options out there, but Bradley has a ton of experience. The candid shots were our faves!"

-Jil and Vinay


"I can't say enough good things about Bradley Hanson. He's prompt in responding, very communicative beforehand and takes AMAZING photos. We keep looking through them saying "How did he even get all those shots?" We were so impressed. Highly recommend him to anyone. He's a total pleasure to work with."

-Natalia and Joel


"Bradley is awesome! He did such a great job of making us (and everybody, really) feel comfortable in front of the camera. He has a kind of goofiness when he's working that gets people laughing and having a good time. He also really has an eye for catching unique moments and knows how to blend in to the background to catch that perfect candid shot. And talk about committed! We did some engagement portraits with him in the winter before the ceremony; it was maybe 10 degrees outside. He powered through with no gloves and although we were worried he would freeze to death, he never complained about the weather and spent a great deal of time with us getting some excellent shots. We couldn't be happier!"

-Si and Nathan


"It was easy to be ourselves in Bradley's presence, and his talent with his craft allowed him to photograph our wedding artfully and naturally. Photos weren't the main event under his leadership, and there was no awkward coaxing into unnatural poses - our wedding unfolded, and he captured it. We treasure our photos and are so glad we made the investment in Bradley. Leading up to and following the wedding, he was communicative and flexible; he has a casual professionalism that is effortless to work with. We highly recommend him!

-Torrey and Jeremy


"I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Bradley! He was such a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. He was so easygoing, funny, professional, and all of the guests enjoyed interacting with him. When we received our pictures just a few weeks later, I was blown away by how great they were and loved every single one! They are so unique and beautiful. He seems to have the ability to be in multiple places at the same time as he was able to capture every important detail of the evening. I don't know how he does it! I couldn't be happier with the entire experience and I absolutely recommend him to everyone looking for a great photographer." 

-Haley and Andrew


"The style of images I wanted for my wedding were genuine, unique and priceless. Bradley delivered exactly that. His style captures so much more than just a picture of your happy due, but a beautiful moment that you never planned. Nothing was posed/staged (just like I wanted) and everyone looked great in them. If you are a fan of a more editorial style and an almost chiaroscuro effect, look no further."

-Monica and Aaron


"Bradley was amazing from start to finish. We were looking for something a little unconventional and Bradley accommodated us perfectly! The quality was amazing. I am one of those people who hates ALL pictures of myself; however, we ended up loving almost all the photos he took. You won't be disappointed!"

-Michelle and Bill


"Bradley Hanson did an amazing job on our wedding and I can't recommend him highly enough! He's an incredible artist and a joy to work with and we felt so lucky to have had him as our wedding photographer."

-Sarah and Ryan


"Dear Bradley, Thank you so much for documenting our wedding. You did a phenomenal job! Each moment of our day was captured with emotion and elegance. We appreciate all of your hard work and couldn't be happier with the results. We'll definitely recommend you!"

-Jess and Mike


"I fell in love with the photos on Bradley's website but because of our budget and less than 2 months for the wedding I didn't think we could hire him. On the day of the wedding, he was at the venue on time and even took additional photos that we hadn't planned. He has captured the vibrancy of the location and the multi-cultural wedding vividly and beautifully. We are thankful to him for so exquisitely recording our memories, that will now be hanging on our walls forever!"

-Smruti and Mark


"Bradley has an eye for capturing beautiful moments! We hired him to shoot our wedding and reception and we couldn't have been more satisfied with our choice. He excels at capturing spontaneous moments that perfectly encapsulate the little moments that so easily escape your attention when you're experiencing the big day. Each picture could easily be framed and hung on your wall, truly a masterpiece. He is also very personable, professional, and a joy to work with. I highly recommend booking Bradley Hanson for your wedding or other portrait photography needs. Check out his Instagram account and blog to get a better taste for his past projects and work."

-Natalie and Nils


"Bradley did an amazing job of making the photos of my husband and I look magical. He captured our day beautifully. In addition, many people said our photos looked like they belonged on a magazine cover because the quality was so outstanding. No stereotypical photos from Bradley - only real moments!"

-Kathryn and Lars


"Bradley is AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. His photos are breathtaking. He floats around the event - and no one even feels him he is so quiet. Yet - he has a magical way of capturing every lovely moment. Highly highly recommend."

-Barbara and Jon


"First, let me state that neither my husband nor I enjoy being photographed and struggle to find pictures of ourselves that we like. With that in mind, it was very important to us to have exactly the right photographer for our wedding, and luckily our search brought us to Bradley. He was a pleasure to work with, put us immediately at ease with his process, and documented our day in a way that perfectly captured the feel of the event. We could not be happier with the pictures, or the process, and are thrilled to have so many great pictures of ourselves, our day and our guests. I simply can not say enough good things about Bradley!"

-Tom and Keith


"We had such a great experience working with Bradley for our wedding. I am so in love with how he captured our day. He was very accommodating and also captured the special moments of family and friends that you don't always see as the bride and groom. I cannot stop looking at the photos and the memories that we will cherish forever. Bradley had a great way of making you feel comfortable and have fun taking photos and just enjoying the day. So grateful for his work and how he captured our wedding! Truly beautiful!!"

-Rachael and Josh

“Dear Bradley- We are so pleased and grateful for the craftsmanship of the photographs you took at our wedding. You captured moments of action and feeling we mossed. You made us feel special by bringing such ease and classic elegance to our photos. Thank you!”

-Anna and Mike

“Bradley was absolutely amazing to work with! He captured my dream wedding exactly how I envisioned it and even more. His photography is more of an art - capturing all of the special moments in real life vs staged. Highly recommend him, you won't regret it!”

-Sabrina and Nick

“We so enjoyed having Bradley as our photographer - he wanted to learn a bit about us prior to our wedding, so it felt like he knew us a little on the actual day of our wedding. He was calm and patient the day of, totally flexible, and best of all, the photos he took are GORGEOUS. We love them and couldn't be happier that we chose him as our wedding photographer.”

-Morgan and Brandon

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