Rachael and Josh's downtown St. Paul wedding at A'bulae by Bradley Hanson

Rachael and Josh didn't let a little November rain alter their mood. The light at A'Bulae in downtown St. Paul was in abundance, and we did sneak up to the roof in the rain for a couple moments. 

New images added in all galleries! by Bradley Hanson


It's been one the busiest seasons of all time. I'm still digging through November weddings and family portrait sessions, but I've added new images in all galleries and will be working on a redesign of the website in the coming months, adding even more weddings, personal work, family portraits and landscape images from my travels.

Jessica and Matt's rainy Seattle wedding on the Skansonia Ferry by Bradley Hanson

Although the rain moved Jessica and Matt's wedding ceremony from the deck of the Skansonia ferry on Lake Union inside to the back of the boat, it was one of the happiest, most celebratory weddings I've ever been to in my 18 years of photographing weddings. I don't know if I've ever had this much fun at a wedding, or had the pleasure of being surrounded by people so vibrant and alive. Many thanks to the kind referral of my friend Lance Mercer for introducing the couple to me.

Natalie and Nils autumn wedding in St. Paul and reception at International Market Square by Bradley Hanson

Natalie and Nils were married at House Of Hope church on Summit Avenue in St. Paul, then we stopped at Irvine Park in St. Paul on our way to the International Market Square/Minneapolis Design Center in Minneapolis for their reception.

Summer wedding season in full swing by Bradley Hanson

It's been a very busy summer with even more travel than usual. I was in Seattle for weddings and portraits 3 weekends in 5 weeks! My first priority is always getting images to clients as quickly as possible, but I'll be posting some more weddings in the coming days, as well as writing on another magazine article and portfolio for Olympus Passion Magazine while I'm also testing various Sony A7 cameras and Zeiss lenses. I'll be updating my portfolio(s) soon and featuring a couple weddings and portrait sessions in the blog. Until then, here are 30 images since my last major blog posting that aren't in any portfolio yet. Stay tuned...

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Winning Image In The Olympus Summer Sun Photo Contest by Bradley Hanson

While traveling in Seattle for a wedding. I was notified that I won this photo contest (judged by Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and National Geographic photographer, Jay Dickman). The real credit goes to the sweet, animated twins that I had the privilege of photographing that night for Breah Jawor and her beautiful family at Mahtomedi Beach, MN at sunset. 


Oliver loves music! by Bradley Hanson

Oliver has been increasingly excited about music, starting, as many children do, with a love of The Beatles, Devo and The Ramones. He also loved the movie "Sing," which is about animals who try out for a singing contest to save a theater in financial trouble. His favorite song from that movie is a cover of Elton John's classic "I'm Still Standing," which he belts out at full concert volume, even in the car. The photos below were taken right after he heard me listening to the 1979 Gary Numan album "Replicas," so I showed him how to play the synth part from "Are Friends Electric?"