Assumptions, Photography And The Micro Four Thirds System Article In The Debut Issue Of Olympus Passion Magazine by Bradley Hanson

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14 Page Spread In Issue 1 Of Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine by Bradley Hanson

An article I wrote was featured in Fuji X Passion Magazine, along with 8 photographs in a 14 page spread. With magazines transitioning to online only subscriptions, it makes the printed page feel even more special. The look, feel and even the smell of quality printing is a joy. I was asked about my transition nearly 4 years ago from Nikon to Fujifilm, and this article summarizes that experience, along with advice about navigating the switch to mirrorless cameras.

Here is a link to purchase the magazine directly: http://shop.fujixpassion.com/product/fuji-x-passion-volume-1/

My Photographic History And Why I Switched To Mirrorless Cameras In 2012 by Bradley Hanson

This review is 3 years in coming, and isn't really a review but rather a personal history of why the Fujifilm X-Series, specifically the X-Pro1 and X100S, is a perfect fit for me: the cameras I had been waiting for. I am a very technical and precise person, but this is not a technical review. These cameras have been out for years and there are much better reviews, including one by my friend (and Fuji X-Photographer) Vincent Opoku. I wanted to write something initially because using these cameras was revolutionary for me, but I also wanted to let the beer goggles dissipate and write logically and dispassionately about the experience so those considering the system could get a realistic understanding of what to expect without all the usual superlatives that come from excitement, and also to spare readers the agony of run on sentences like the one you are enduring now.

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