taylors falls

Stacy + Marco At Maple Ridge Farm In Taylors Falls, MN by Bradley Hanson

I first met this wonderful couple through a chance phone call. Marco, originally from Brazil, left a voicemail inquiring if I was available on their wedding date. I called him back when I had a moment in my car just expecting to answer his questions. Within 10 minutes of speaking with him, he let me know they wanted me to photograph their wedding and had arranged to fly me to Aspen, CO (near their home) to shoot their engagement portraits at Maroon Bells in Colorado. In my experience, clients who place this level of faith and trust in me always get ideal results.

It was my first time to Maple Ridge Farm for a wedding and I look forward to the next. Great space, beautiful light and although only an hour north of Minneapolis, it felt like a world away.

Marco and Stacy in Aspen, CO