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Weddings And Families, Birth And Babies by Bradley Hanson

Although I do not market myself as a birth or baby photographer, I regularly photograph for families I've met at one of the 600+ weddings I've photographed. As a father of three myself, I know how powerful the experience of birth is, as well as the indescribable joys of parenthood. I love that photographing weddings put me in the middle of such joyful events, and that connection often continues a few years later when the same couples become parents themselves. This can mean that after photographing their wedding, I photograph the birth of their children and later the family. I take the same approach I take with weddings and portraits: the role of silent observer rather than active director. Reality is always more beautiful than anything posed or scripted. There are several families who I photograph yearly in Seattle, allowing me to actually watch these same children grow up. I just photographed a Bat Mitzvah for one of these same families, images from which will be a blog post for a later date...

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