Marcus and Paige's Guthrie Theater Winter Wedding in Downtown Minneapolis by Bradley Hanson

Paige and Marcus insisted on all B&W coverage. In other words, my dream wedding despite 3F degree January winter weather. They started at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist church and the reception was at the modern Guthrie Theater in downtown Minneapolis, overlooking the Mississippi River and Stone Arch Bridge. The reception area, on the 9th floor of the Guthrie, is known as the "amber box" because of it's dark yellow glass and bright red lights bathing it in light.

OUTERFOCUS: UK Photographer Ian Weldon and I are doing a weekly Photography podcast by Bradley Hanson


UK photographer Ian Weldon and I have been working on a podcast called Outerfocus that focuses on photographic history and current photography rather than merely equipment. Each week, we discuss a historic photographer with a current photographer. We talk about the good, the bad, the ridiculous and everything in between. We are still working out the format, but considering we are on different continents, it’s been working very well and gets better every week. Episode 1 is up and new shows will be posted every Wednesday. Like the Outerfocus page to see the links to listen or find us on iTunes. The Facebook page will have links and photographs we reference in the discussions each week. Thanks for listening and if you like it, feel free to leave feedback or a review on iTunes.

You can find the podcast HERE or by searching for "Outerfocus" on iTunes

Winter Road Trip From Minneapolis To Duluth, Grand Marais And Grand Portage, MN by Bradley Hanson

With warmer than usual temperatures, it was time to go north for the beautiful terrain and wide open sense of space and coastal views of Lake Superior near the Canadian border.

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Rachael And Josh's Downtown St. Paul Wedding At A'bulae by Bradley Hanson

Rachael and Josh didn't let a little November rain alter their mood. The light at A'Bulae in downtown St. Paul was in abundance, and we did sneak up to the roof in the rain for a couple moments. 

New Images Added In All Galleries! by Bradley Hanson


It's been one the busiest seasons of all time. I'm still digging through November weddings and family portrait sessions, but I've added new images in all galleries and will be working on a redesign of the website in the coming months, adding even more weddings, personal work, family portraits and landscape images from my travels.

Jessica And Matt's Rainy Seattle Wedding On Lake Union's Skansonia Ferry by Bradley Hanson

Although the rain moved Jessica and Matt's wedding ceremony from the deck of the Skansonia ferry on Lake Union inside to the back of the boat, it was one of the happiest, most celebratory weddings I've ever been to in my 18 years of photographing weddings. I don't know if I've ever had this much fun at a wedding, or had the pleasure of being surrounded by people so vibrant and alive. Many thanks to the kind referral of my friend Lance Mercer for introducing the couple to me.

Natalie and Nils Autumn Wedding In St. Paul And Reception At International Market Square by Bradley Hanson

Natalie and Nils were married at House Of Hope church on Summit Avenue in St. Paul, then we stopped at Irvine Park in St. Paul on our way to the International Market Square/Minneapolis Design Center in Minneapolis for their reception.